Viking Fenrir Wolf Head Arm Ring Bracelet

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In Norse mythology the arm ring was given to a young boy to symbolize his transformation into manhood. These metal arm rings were also a sign of loyalty to their king or earl. 

Fenrir is the god of destruction in the Norse pantheon. He is the son of Loki, and he is father to Hati and Skoll, the two wolf brothers who chase the Sun and the Moon. Fenrir takes the form of a great black wolf and he is imprisoned in a cave, bound by a magical chain, locked away because he desires to devour all things, including the world of mortals and everything in it.

When you place this beautifully hand-crafted arm ring around your wrist, you will instantly feel the power of Fenrir posses you. You will carry confidence throughout the day as long as you are wearing this arm ring. 


  • Material: Iron
  • Colors: Antique Gold & Antique Silver

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