Viking Boar Arm Ring Bracelet

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In Norse & Viking mythology the arm ring was given to a young boy to symbolize his transformation into manhood. These arm rings were also a sign of loyalty to their king or earl. 

The head of a boar was used to symbolize the fierceness of battle. In Valhalla, the boar Saehrimnir, was slain every day to provide food for the slain warriors, but was restored after each meal ready to provide the next. 

When you place this beautifully hand-crafted arm ring around your wrist, you will instantly feel the power of the boar posses you. You will project your inner fierceness throughout the day as long as you are wearing this arm ring. 


  • Made from Metal Zinc Alloy so this will not rust and holds up to everyday wear
  • Antique Silver finish for a superior look

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